• HEALTH & SAFETY, FIRE PROTECTION COORDINATION (all requested-by-law certification) – Fulfilling all the documentation imposed by Romanian laws – 2 visits per week ;
  • TECHNICAL RESPONSIBLE FOR EXECUTION (R.T.E.) (for the General Contractor) – checking of works and fulfilling the site documentation – 2 visits per week ;
  • DETECTION OF EXISTING UNDERGROUND NETWORKS AND OTHER BURRIED OBJECTS – includes a complete topographical study, mandatory for the delivering of the survey documentation, as well as delimitation of the property limits, if requested ;
  • TECHNICAL PROJECT AND DESIGN CONFORMITY – includes the complete checking, re-designing (if necessary), followed by all the requested stamps and signatures, for all three parts of the Project : Architectural Design, Structural Design and Electrical Engineering.
  • OPTIONAL : HEALTH & SAFETY, FIRE PROTECTION SPECIALIST – all-time presence on site, site survey and monitoring of the workers safety documents and instruction.


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