Consplan Management had the chance to take part of an important project for our country , namely the Integrated Management System of Water- Phase I , project was conducted across our country, through :
– 89 automatic stations with sensors to improve safety of dams
-233 automatic stations with sensors for measuring snow and flow gauging stations for the affluent, sockets and derivatives
-89 dams equipped with sotwars and hardware for controlling and coordinating the operation of hydro-technical constructions
-Equipment and means of intervation to flooding

In this particular project, our company has successfully achieved the following steps :
– Authorization of works for 115 automatic sensor stations , obtaining necessary approvals and building permits
-Preparing the platforms for areas organization of construction in 10 locations in the country, each belonging to the Romanian Water Basin Administration, including both storage containers necessary equipment needed in the project and necessary labor offices involved in the project
– Has executed 37 of the 233 automatic stations sensors in various parts of the country


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