ETEM Insect screen systems are designed to offer protection and comfort from insects together with easy functionality and resistance to tear. ETEM offers a complete range of products for doors and windows with a variety of selections such as Insect screens with vertical and horizontal movement for doors and windows, opening screens for doors, sliding fly screen suitable for wide doors, as well as fixed fly screen suitable to windy areas. Insect screens are suitable for a big variety of applications such as verandas, patios, conservatories and French-doors. To meet current trend, ETEM introduced the new series of PLISSE insect screens, a system that guarantees protection from insect intrusion but thanks to the technology used in combination to the plastic scorpion tail and the lack of return spring, Plisse system operates without bottom frame allowing everybody to enjoy the safe access of their children and elderly people. The plastic fixing accessories provides the user with the ability to remove the fly screen for cleaning or storage during the winter months. Insect Screen Systems Offered by ETEM: • Classic • Opening • Plise