The new series of ETEM Aluminum Door Panels is an ideal combination of aesthetics and quality. ETEM Door Panels are presented through different series of design options, the traditional pressured, the contemporary classical and the INOX series. ETEM Door panels are made of high quality aluminum sheets and are processes using the latest technologies for long lasting durability. Traditional pressured panels. A series with a complete range of models designed to offer solution to everyday needs at an affordable cost. Contemporary classical. A series of aluminum door panels designed to offer the aesthetic appearance of traditional contemporary architecture. Combined with reinforced aluminum sheets of 1,2mm and 1,4mm thickness, the classical series offer aesthetics with quality and durability. INOX Design. Following the recent and modern trends of architecture and design, ETEM offers the INOX Door Panels. Using new graphics made from INOX plates, the specific panels are combined harmonically with new tendencies.