VARIO Lamella
The team of ETEM has developed a new system for ventilated curtain wall consisted entirely of extruded aluminium elements.
VARIO Lamella differs from the existing solutions with the unique cladding material- ETEM aluminium lamella. The product ensures accurate fixed 8 mm vertical gap by specially selected main vertical profile and 8 mm horizontal negative gap defined by the lamellas.
Main advantages:
– quick and easy installation due to only one main façade material without additional accessories
– custom made sizes of lamellas
– wide range of finishes and colours
– low weight of just 6 kg/m², facilitating the transportation, loading, unloading and installation
– allows the use of very long lamella, in the case of severe loading and provides excellent performance in terms of statics
Façade material:
– ETEM aluminium lamellas
System VARIO G&H differs from the existing solutions for façade material gluing with the possibility all the preparatory operations such as cutting, gluing and accurate positioning can be carried out in a controlled environment (workshop ).
Main advantages:
– solution for widescreen flat materials
– assembling in a workshop
– preparation for installation of the system does not depend on weather conditions
– increasing of the inertial characteristics of the façade material
– semi- concealed suspension
– ensure mechanical reinforcement of the material
– provides a rigid support (guarantee symmetrical joints )
– higher performance for assembly work
Installation method:
– gluing and hanging
The system is designed to stick the sheet materials on the façade construction , replacing the use of mechanical elements (rivets , etc.). The design offers a wide range of profiles and brackets for installation of ceramic, metal, composites, glass and other façade cladding .
ETEM recommends the use of Sika Tack ® – Panel adhesive for the system.
Main advantages:
– resistance to all temperatures
– strength of the adhesive bond
– high resistance to external environment
– strength in strong head wind
– adhesive lasting elasticity, guaranteed by the manufacturer
VARIO Rivets
The system is suitable for visible mounting of thin and smooth façade materials by using rivets/ screws.
Main advantages:
– quick installation of façade material with different sizes
– possibility to paint the visible fastening elements in a wide range of colours to match the façade material
– possible use of cladding materials with a thickness ranging from 4 mm to 12 mm
Façade materials:
– Fiber- cement
– HPL, aquapanels and fiber cements with a thickness of less than 12 mm
VARIO Composite
The system is specially designed for installation of etalbond ®, composite material, manufactured by Elval Colour. The material is one of the products offered exclusively by ETEM Bulgaria.
You can rely entirely on the quality of the product that ETEM offers you: a mounting system + façade material.
Main advantages:
– optimal solution for large and flat façades
– ensuring fast, easy and safe installation of composite panels
– an optimal behavior of thermal expansion of the composite panel
Façade materials:
– composite Materials
– metal sheets
The system is designed for installation of ceramic tiles Kera Twin K15/K18 of Agrob Buchtal and was developed together with leading German manufacturer.
The system differs from the existing solutions with its main supporting profile whose shape allows better identification of gaps between adjacent tiles.
Main advantages:
– easier determination of the vertical joint between the tiles by means of vertical main bearing profiles
– possibility of painting the visible profile in a colour identical to the colour of the façade material
– improved protection against rainstorm
– simple and safe installation of hybrid adapters in the channels of the tiles, developed by ETEM
– possibility for the production of profiles for mounting plates with different heights on a profile
– possibility for production of basic supporting profiles with custom length ranging from 186 mm to over 4000 mm
– bilateral perforated profile for completion of the windows that are located too close to the outer edge of the wall (50 mm) and the lining of the column
VARIO Clips is used for mounting of thin and smooth façade materials by using clips. Specially designed profiles and accessories allow secure installation of flat façade materials such as: HPL panels, glass, light stones and ceramic with thickness less than 12 mm.

Main advantages:
– fast and accurate installation without using of special equipment
– easier alignment of vertical joints between the tiles through the main vertical profile
– possibility of coatings in different colours of the visible part of the profile that match the façade material
– the possibility for the production of profiles, which allows mounting of materials with different heights
– possibility for production of basic profiles of different lengths
– clips coated in wide range of colours